November 18, 2013

Weekend 3: The Great Canadian Song Race Junior

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The third and final song was all about learning the business side of music. Our finished songs were presented to a panel of music industry professionals. There was music publisher, Steven McClintock, Music supervisor, Ron Proulx, and Radio music director, Ryan Mennie. @theeagle973. Steven McClintock offered us a publishing deal for our song!

It was really great to hear what they had to say about placing songs in TV and Film as well as describing (in a really easy way), the very complicated publishing, copyright and royalties side of the music business! Jason Parsons, my amazing live performance coach,, coached throughout the weekend, and was there as a mentor to us all, whenever he was needed. Ryan Mennie, from the radio station, the The Eagle 97.3, is going to showcase myself and my song, “Convince Me” on his new music program, “First Flight”

Weekend 3: The Great Canadian Song Race Junior

I did not want the song race to end, but the time came to say good-bye! It has been so much fun, I can’t wait for the next one!!

Weekend 3: The Great Canadian Song Race Junior

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