Hi, and welcome to my website!

I’m a pop singer/songwriter from Victoria, B.C., Canada. You can find my songs on the music page of this site, on  iTunes or have a listen on Soundcloud. You will be able to hear my songs on the upcoming Degrassi High 2013 season. I won the 2012 UK Songwriting Competition for the Pop category, and I was a finalist in the John Lennon Song Competition 2013, Session 1, for the Pop category.

My new single, “Convince Me”, has recently been released which I have just finished the music video for. I have a radio promo tour scheduled to follow the release of my video of “Convince Me”.

Music has been my easiest and most favorite form of expression. Music strikes a chord in people, where I’ve always communicated and connected through music and love it’s universal appeal.

Some of the artists that inspire me are Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cher Lloyd, and Kelly Clarkson, among others. My training comes from studies in classical music, musical theatre, dance, opera, and drama. I play the acoustic guitar, and the piano.

I am currently enrolled part time with the online Berklee College of Music program, and I am busy writing, recording and working hard towards a successful career in the music business. My favorite motto is, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”





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  • November 18, 2013

    Weekend 2: The Great Canadian Song Race Junior

    We pitched our songs to the producers for weekend 2 and our song was paired with Troy Samson as our producer! I was really happy with this because, not only have I worked with Troy on other songs, and love and adore him, but Troy is an amazing producer. W (More...)

  • November 18, 2013

    Weekend 1: The Great Canadian Song Race Junior

    Wow! What an awesome experience I had during weekend 1 of the Great Canadian Song Race Junior! , @vimbc, , . Ralph Murphy spoke to us about his book, "Murphy's Laws of Songwriting". . Ralph Murphy taught me so much, and he is a great speaker! [captio (More...)