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I am looking forward to this weekend coming up! I am working with the brilliant and super talented Sylvia Hosie, my coach and choreographer. We are starting to work on my next IB Music performance in January. I am also heading up island for more songwriting with the Highland Music Multimedia group! So exciting! This [...]

The third and final song was all about learning the business side of music. Our finished songs were presented to a panel of music industry professionals. There was music publisher, Steven McClintock, Music supervisor, Ron Proulx, and Radio music director, Ryan Mennie. @theeagle973. Steven McClintock offered us a publishing deal for our song! It was [...]

We pitched our songs to the producers for weekend 2 and our song was paired with Troy Samson as our producer! I was really happy with this because, not only have I worked with Troy on other songs, and love and adore him, but Troy is an amazing producer. We spent most of the weekend [...]

Wow! What an awesome experience I had during weekend 1 of the Great Canadian Song Race Junior!, @vimbc,, Ralph Murphy spoke to us about his book, “Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting”.

November 18, 2013

I had the most amazing time during The Great Canadian Song Race Junior!, @vimbc, which was run by The Vancouver Island Music Business Conference,, which is run by Highland Music Multimedia Productions, The song race was held over three weekends where the first weekend was songwriting, the second weekend was performing and [...]